Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Aztec Illustrator Patterns

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This semester I have been concentrating on building a photography business. A huge part of that is branding! I am using Pinterest to collect images that I think represent and inspire me.  I wanted to learn more about designing illustrator patterns to help with the marketing material. Here is my first attempt at it, 4 Aztec patterns you can download for free here! This file sharing is all new to me so let me know if it works out and what you think of them. Hopefully I will be creating more to share soon!

Just a few tips when using patterns:

To scale the pattern but not the object -- select the object, double click the scale tool, and set the scale % with the object box unmarked.

The same goes with rotating the pattern but doubling clicking the rotate tool.

To move the pattern within the object -- select the object, hold down the ` key (just before the 1 on keyboard) and move the pattern with mouse or up/down arrows. 

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